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About the Hollwedel Memorial Library

The Hollwedel Memorial Library began as The Pavilion Public Library. It started as a reading room for the Pavilion Historical Society in 1979. Members of the community donated books to start a collection. The library was chartered by the State of New York in June 1982 to provide library services to the residents of the Town.

Additional contracts have been formed to serve the residents of the surrounding communities. The original library was housed in the Sprague-Searles home, owned by the Pavilion Methodist Church.

The Town of Pavilion purchased the Easton property in 1990 to build and maintain the expanded collection and to provide for the addition of new services. Trustees and Town Officials broke ground for a new facility in June 1993. The new library building was dedicated in November 1995.

Due to a generous donation by a resident of the Town, we now have a children's area with the Helen Found House (meeting room) included in the expansion. The library's name has been changed to reflect this donation.

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Hollwedel Memorial Library

Many groups, including the Friends of the Library, businesses, as well as individuals, work diligently to keep our community treasure a reality.

The Library Board of Trustees has made a commitment to provide a center for learning for the entire community.

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Hollwedel Memorial Library

A Community Treasure
Hollwedel Memorial Library